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Medical escort of events

During the concerts, sports or entertainment events, shooting TV shows or public speeches of social activists, the well-being of some participants sharply deteriorates very often. That is why the presence of mobile medical teams with qualified doctors and necessary equipment is the mandatory condition for ensuring security.


The doctors of Emergency Care of Oxford Medical clinic provide medical escort to the following events:

  • concerts;
  • sports events;
  • corporate events;
  • charity events;
  • commemoration ceremonies;
  • shooting crowd scenes of the movies;
  • massive celebrations;
  • private events.

Each of these events has its risks. For example, during the sports competitions, there are frequent traumas of participating athletes; the amateur competitions are especially dangerous (for example, amateur marathons and semi-marathons), the untrained people are frequently susceptible to the serious loads. The unfavorable weather conditions (cold or heat) increase the risk of occurrence of casualties.


While holding massive events, the obligations of doctors on duty include:

  • provision of the emergency medical aid to the participants of the event;
  • if necessary, hospitalization of the injured in the public or private medical hospital.

The presence of ambulance crews at the event reduces time, needed for arrival of paramedics to the injured. Taking into account that during massive gatherings, the streets are closed off and the traffic jams are formed on the roads, it may refer to the time, needed for saving the patient’s life.


For ensuring the presence of one or several ambulance crews during the event, you can just call the call-center of Oxford Medical clinic and the employees of the emergency service. We will clarify the nature of the event, risk of traumatism or deterioration of the condition of its participants and provide doctors on duty for the whole period, necessary for holding the event.


For ordering the medical support of events by the mobile medical teams of Oxford Medical Kyiv clinic, call (044) 204 40 40 or contact us by filling out the form on our website. 

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13-11-2017 Компания ООО "Тим Линк" вот уже несколько лет является постоянным клиентом "Оксфорд Медикал" - мы заказываем кареты скорой помощи для сопровождения корпоративных мероприятий, организованных для наших клиентов. Очень довольны сотрудничеством с "Оксфорд Медикал": всегда профессионально, комфортно и с душой. Отдельно хочу поблагодарить: Наталию Шевченко за неизменный такт, клиент ориентированность, профессионализм и оперативную коммуникацию; Маяцкую Оксану Витальевну за поддержку во время проектов, чувство юмора, что очень важно в нашей работе, и чувство защищенности, когда ты понимаешь, что рядом с клиентами Профессионал, который знает, что нужно делать и как действовать в нестандартных ситуациях; Юрия - супер-врача, который спасал наших футболистов 11.11.17 во время Чемпионата по футболу, успевал быть одновременно везде и дарил нам улыбки и хорошее настроение, не смотря ни на что.

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