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Excess body fat reduction treatment

An excess body fat is the body weight gain through fat tissue deposits. The excess body fat  can be alimentary (caused by overeating and sedentary lifestyle) and endocrine (caused by the disorders in the hormonal system of the organism)


There are many causes of the excess body fat, but most often, it is caused by the endocrine or digestivedisorders as well as psychological problems. The endocrine disorders in the endocrine system result in hormonal imbalances, which cause the excess body fat:

  • tumors of the pituitary gland;
  • problems with adrenal glands;
  • Itsenko-Cushing syndrome;

In its turn, the excess body fat becomes the cause of many health issues, which include:

  • diabetes type 1;
  • high pressure (arterial hypertension);
  • infarctions and strokes;
  • formation of cholesterol plaques;
  • heartburn (GERD);
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • menstrual disorder;
  • cholecystitis.


The specialist establishes the diagnosis “excess body fat”, but you can independently find out whether there are problems with the weight, estimating the body mass index. For that, it is necessary to divide the weight by the growth (specified in meters) squared. If the value of the resulting figure is less than 25 – there are no problems with the weight; if 25-30 – the overweight is obvious, more than 30 is already the excess body fat.


For treating the excess body fat, its causes and complications, you need to apply the comprehensive approach, including the diet, hormonal treatment and elimination of other causes, contributing to the excess body fat.

Before the beginning of the treatment, the thorough diagnosis is performed, including:

  • general blood count;
  • urine test;
  • hormonal panel;
  • ultrasound of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, pancreatic gland and liver.

You can undergo all necessary examinations, not leaving the walls of our clinic. Also, if necessary, you can be examined by other related specialists, except for the endocrinologist.

Thus, the cardiologist will help to eliminate negative consequences for the cardio-vascular system, the gastroenterologist and dietician will help to correct the dietary regime and develop the diet. The psychotherapist will help to cope with psychologicalaspects of the problem. The cosmetologists will help to return not only the slimness, but also the beauty.

Do you want to get rid of excess weight? Call (044) 204 40 40 and make appointment with the endocrinologist.


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