Biopsy of thyroid gland

The fine-needle aspiration biopsy of the thyroid gland is the main method of examining thyroid nodules for benignancy or malignancy of their cells. The biopsy is the sampling of tissue of the thyroid gland for further analysis.


The biopsy (needle aspiration) is performed only in the cases, when the size of the nodule is more than 1 centimeter. The smaller nodules are usually treated by medications with ultrasound scan once per 3-6 months.

The modern method of the thyroid biopsy is called TNAB or TAB – this abbreviation stands for the thin-needle aspiration biopsy. The indications for performing TNAB are:

  1. Presence of nodal formations in the thyroid gland is more than 1 cm in diameter.
  2. Presence of relatives, who were diagnosed with thyroid cancer.
  3. If in the patient’s life, there were cases and periods of exposure to irradiation.


The essence of TNAB method consists in sampling the biological material – cells of the thyroid nodules. The cell composition is obtained through the thin needle and syringe, after which the obtained material is sent to the laboratory for cyto-histological testing.


The puncture by the thin needle for sampling the material is performed without anesthesia, as the procedure is absolutely safe and virtually painless. During the procedure, the patient has a light feeling of discomfort, not more.


In cases, when the palpation of the thyroid gland is accompanied by the pain syndrome, the doctor orders the anti-inflammatory therapy  for patients, and TNAB is performed only after disappearance of the inflammation, causing the pain.

After the material is collected, the swab of obtained material is put on the slide plate, which is sent for detailed examination in the laboratory. The laboratory examination includes the microscopic investigation of the nature of obtained cells as well as the examination of cytological preparations, conducted by the experienced pathologo-morphologist.


The highly qualified endocrinologists, who receive patients in the Endocrinology Departmentof Oxford Medical clinic, perform the procedure of the thin-needle aspiration biopsy with ultrasound scan. This method guarantees absolute safeness of the procedure –the ultrasound scan fully excludes injuring other organs by the needle.


TNAB is the most informative and precise method of examination of the tissue cells of the thyroid gland and nodules. Only the biopsy allows establishing a precise diagnosis and prescribing the adequate and effective treatment.

You can make appointment with the endocrinologist and thyroid biopsy in Oxford Medical Kyiv clinic by calling (044) 204 40 40. 


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