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Laser treatment of hemorrhoid

Laser hemorrhoidoplasty is the cutting-edge method of hemorrhoid treatment, which is applied all over the world.


The Proctology Department of Oxford Medical applies the unique equipment in our country – Biolitec laser of German manufacture. The fiber (light guide) LHP Procedure Kit, developed for hemorrhoid treatment, creates a radial laser ray, through which the laser energy is guided directly into the hemorrhoid, not causing any damage to the mucous membrane or epithelial tissue of the anal canal.


The laser application for hemorrhoid treatment has some advantages:

  • absence of sutures, incisions, open wounds;
  • mucous membrane or epithelium of the rectum are not damaged;
  • there is no need in hospitalization;
  • the general narcosis is not required; the local anesthesia is enough;
  • much shorter time of recovery in comparison to the operation;


The disease is developed when, under the influence of negative factors, the veins, present in the rectum, increase and get inflamed, forming painful hemorrhoids. There are many reasons, which can cause the disease, but the sedentary lifestyle, junk food, alcohol abuse (first of all, beer and wine), physical exertion, eating disorders cause special harm.

Seeing a doctor is needed if under their influence the first symptoms of hemorrhoid start appearing:

  • in the area of anal orifice;
  • bleeding (after defecation).

The prolapsed hemorrhoids appear over some time.  Initially, it occurs only when suffering from constipations and grueling physical exertion, but over time just coughing is enough for that. If initially the hemorrhoids can be pushed back, then further it gets more difficult to do it.


When these symptoms appear, most patients try to get through them, hoping that it will resolve on its own. However, sooner or later, everybody needs a qualified treatment. The only question is with how advanced and complicated stage of the disease the patient goes to the doctor.


Only the proctologist, who performs the patient’s examination, can confirm the fact of a disease. The independent diagnosis and, all the more, the independent treatment are impossible.


The hemorrhoid symptoms may be similar to manifestations of anal fissure. In addition, the disease itself has 4 stages of severity and two forms – external and internal. If the patient can make sure of the existence of external hemorrhoids individually, then for diagnosing the internal hemorrhoids, he needs to undergo examination.


The initial stages of hemorrhoid may be treated with medication; however, most patients apply to doctors with already advanced or complicated disease. The application of the laser is the best method for treating hemorrhoid of any form or stage.

You can make appointment with the proctologists of Oxford Medical by calling (044) 204 40 40. You can also leave an application so that our operators can contact you as soon as possible. 


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