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Pilonidal cyst laser treatment

Pilonidal cyst (or epithelial coccygeal passage) is the subdermal cavity, which is formed in the upper part of intergluteal cleft, in the coccygeal area. It has a form of the canal in subcutaneous fat, lined with epithelial tissue.


The preconditions for development of the pilonidal cyst are laid down during child bearing, during which the formation of cavity in intergluteal cleft is possible. In future, the exfoliated skin particles, discharges of sweat and sebaceous glands get into it, the hair may grow. The accumulated fluid becomes inflamed in some time, and the pilonidal cyst can develop into a fistula.


There are some reasons for occurrence of the epithelial coccygeal passage:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • excess weight;
  • excessive hair covering;
  • tailbone traumas;
  • excessive sweating;
  • hypothermia;
  • infections;
  • reduction in immunity;
  • wearing skintight underwear.

The disease is diagnosed mostly among men under the age of 30, though the single cases of this disease were also observed among women. 


The patients with epithelial coccygeal passage most often complain of:

  • sensation of pain when sitting;
  • discomfort, sensation of foreign body;
  • appearance of swelling in the coccygeal area.

The uninflamed pilonidal cyst looks like a small opening in the area of gluteal line, usually at the distance of 7-10 centimeters from the anus. The passage may be small as well as deep enough, looking like a small funnel.


When the cyst becomes inflamed, the pain grows stronger, the skin above the cyst reddens and becomes swollen, the pus starts being discharged from one or several holes, the temperature may increase. If the epithelial coccygeal passage becomes inflamed again, there may appear new holes, through which the infiltrate is discharged.


The pus, discharged from inflamed cyst, gradually expands and then destructs the passage, thus affecting the surrounding tissues.


It is important to understand that the cyst, which was inflamed once, will be periodically inflamed in the future, while each further exacerbation will be severer. The treatment of uninflamed cyst or the cyst in remission is the simplest and maximally effective.


For diagnosing, in most cases, the proctologist needs just examination, after which he prescribes treatment, which, in case of the pilonidal cyst, may be only surgical. The other methods are inadequate or ineffective.

If previously the pilonidal cyst was removed only through excision with a scalpel, then now the more effective, simple and sparing treatment  is available – laser removal of pilonidal cyst.


The laser removal of pilonidal cyst has some advantages:

  • short recovery period – due to the minimum necessary degree of intervention;
  • minimal risk of penetration of infection – when removing the cyst, the laser instantaneously coagulates tissues;
  • minimal risk of development of recurrence in comparison to excision of the cyst.

The operation is performed on outpatient basis – the patient returns home for rehabilitation on the day of operation. The intervention is performed under local anesthesia; however, the induction of medication sleep is also possible. 

You can make appointment with the proctologists of Oxford Medical Kyiv clinic by calling (044) 204 40 40. 


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Kindratishin Bogdan Teodorovich

Physician surgeon Video CV
Kindratishin Bogdan TeodorovichPhysician surgeon Video CV

Glubochitskaya street, 40X;

information about doctor

1993-1999 - graduated from Kiev Medical University, Ukrainian Association of Folk Medicine.

1999 - internship in surgery at the Kiev National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after Shupyk.

1999-2000 - a surgeon in the Kyiv Municipal Clinical Emmergency Hospital.

2000-2002 – a junior research fellow at the X-ray Surgery Department at the Oncology Institute of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.

2002 - an advanced course on endovascular surgery, "New technologies in endovascular surgery” at the Kiev National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after Shupyk.

2005. - received the 2nd category.

2006 – got the speciality of a physician-proctologist.

2006-2009 – a surgeon at Interventional Radiology Department, National Cancer Institute.

Since 2009 - Chief of Interventional Radiology Department, National Cancer Institute.

Since 2009 - Doctor- procologist at “The Oxford Medical” clinic.

2010 - got the 1st category.

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Kravchenko Olga Valerievna

Doctor proctologist Video CV
Kravchenko Olga ValerievnaDoctor proctologist Video CV

Glubochitskaya street, 40X;

information about doctor

2001 - graduated from National Medical University named after A.A. Bogomolets;

2001 till 2003 - internship on the basis of the Kiev Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after Shupyk, specialty – “General Surgery”;

2003 till 2005 - clinical residency training on the basis of the Kiev Medical Academy named after Shupyk;

2005 - a surgeon at the hospital of the State Border Service of Ukraine, General Surgery Department;

2010 – doctor-proctologist at “The Oxford Medical” clinic.

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Kuzmenko Denis Sergeevich

Surgeon Video CV
Kuzmenko Denis SergeevichSurgeon Video CV

Glubochitskaya street, 40X;

information about doctor

2003 – 2009 Study in NationalMedicineUniversity named after Bogomoletz, department of general medicine.

2009 – 2012 Internship on specialty “surgery” on the base of academic department of surgery N 4 of National Medicine University named after Bogomoletz.

2011. - "Live" laparoscopic surgery", on the base of "Scientific and Practical Center for Preventive and Clinical Medicine"

2012 – Refresher course on specialty “Psychology” .

2012 - Course on hemorrhoids treatment by method HAL-RAR.

2016 - workshop "Lasers in colorectal surgery" (Cologne, Germany)

2017 - participant of the 5th congress of vascular surgeons, phlebologists and angiologists of Ukraine

9.11.2017. - participant of the scientific-practical conference with international participation "Actual issues of modern surgery"

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Bondarenko Iuliia Igorevna

Bondarenko Iuliia IgorevnaProctologist

Glubochitskaya street, 40X;

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12-12-2018 Впервые была на приеме у врача Кузьменко Дениса Сергеевича. Прекрасный специалист, очень внимательный и главное с позитивным настроем! Рекомендую

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department: Proctology


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