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Rubber band ligation for hemorrhoids

A rubber band ligation is one of the most widespread and effective methods of treatment all over the world. It is indicated for treatment of 1-3 stage of hemorrhoid disease.This method of treatment is distinguished for its high efficiency – more than 85-90% of cases of full recovery of patients without necessity to perform this procedure again.


This procedure is performed without anesthesia. Using a special ligator, the rubber band is put on vascular hemorrhoids. The intensive pressure causes cessation of blood supply of hemorrhoids and their rejection.  In 2-3 weeks after the manipulation, the connective tissue is formed on the site of hemorrhoids and it is being fully healed.  The necessity to remove multiple hemorrhoids requires performance of several sessions of curative manipulations with a two-week interval. Just before the procedure, in the morning and in the evening, the doctor prescribes 1-2 cleansing enemas to the patient.


The contraindications to performance of this procedure:

  • combined hemorrhoid;
  • internal hemorrhoid of 1st stage;
  • presence of anal fissures;
  • paraproctitis;

The possible side effects:

  • weak pain syndrome;
  • sensation of presence of foreign body;
  • slippage of rubber band (very rarely).


The manipulation does not require much effort from the patient and takes 10-20 minutes. The rehabilitation period requires a bed rest in comfortable home environment. The full recovery occurs in 1-3 days. The slightly unpleasant feelings after the procedure fully go away usually for one day.


The cost of the procedure of rubber band ligation in Oxford Medical is quite democratic in comparison to many private clinics, which offer this service. You can familiarize yourself with a detailed price list by calling us or visiting our clinic.


  • The proctologists of our clinic perform the procedure of rubber band ligation on outpatient basis, thanks to which the patient stay in the clinic is confined to the time, necessary for performance of manipulations.
  • Rubber band ligation is a minimally invasive and maximally sparing method, which does not leave scars and marks.
  • The procedure is distinguishable for its easiness and effectiveness. If the patient observes all doctor’s instructions, we guarantee high effectiveness of this method.  


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