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HAL-RAR hemorrhoid treatment

In our time, there are several highly effective methods of treatment of external and internal hemorrhoid, which include the rubber band ligation, radio-wave surgery and infrared coagulation. Depending on the form and stage of the disease, one or several methods of treatment is applied. However, today, the technology, replacing any other methods of hemorrhoid treatment, is used for the first time in Ukraine in the Proctology Department of Oxford Medical. The Doppler-guided desarterization HAL-RAR is the treatment of any stage of hemorrhoid for 1 procedure. This technology is also effective in treatment of rectal fissures and fistulas.


HAL-RAR method gives 96% of guarantee of full recovery of the patient without resurgence of the disease in the future. Taking into account all the shortcomings of previous methods of hemorrhoid treatment, the creators of HAL-RAR technology achieved the highest efficiency indicators. Today, the Doppler-guided desarterization HAL-RAR is considered as the best and most efficient method among the world-class proctologists.


The treatment process can be divided into 4 stages:

  1. The proctologist carefully inserts transparent anoscope with Doppler guided probe in the rectal lumen. The probe transforms pulsation of hemorrhoidal artery into sound signal, after which it manages to find a place for ligation. 
  2. The proctologist ligates arteries in turns, cutting off blood supply to hemorrhoids.
  3. Then the doctor performs mucopexy, or the suture ligation of internal hemorrhoids. The suture lifts and returns the hemorrhoid in its right position.
  4. After that, the patient’s organism is already fighting with the problem independently. The blood flow decreases, and the hemorrhoids start desiccating. In 1-2 weeks after the operation, the hemorrhoids are fully rejected and excreted.


  • This method not just reduces discomfort and physical manifestation of the hemorrhoid disease, but also blocks the prime cause for this disease – inflammation of hemorrhoidal arteries.
  • The possibility to fully treat any stage of hemorrhoid just for 1 manipulation.  The guarantee of positive and stable result for one visit.
  • Minimum time of the procedure (20-30 minutes), safeness, painlessness, absence of strong discomfort during its performance.
  • Instantaneous alleviation of hemorrhoid symptoms. Blocking of inflammation and enlargement of hemorrhoids helps to relieve pain and discomfort quickly.
  • Presence of incisions, scars and postoperative complications.
  • Possibility of performance of the operation under the local anesthesia, narcosis or sedation.
  • Absence of pain syndrome after the operation. 
  • Full recovery of the organism in just 1-3 days after the procedure. On the 2nd day after the operation, the patient returns to its normal rhythm of life.
  • The highest efficiency indicators in the world (96%).

The cost of the procedure of Doppler-guided desarterization HAL-RAR in the Proctology Department of Oxford Medical is democratic enough, taking into account that we are the only clinic in Ukraine, which offers this service.


The procedure of Doppler-guided desarterization is quite simple, but for the proctologists, it is a real jewelry work, requiring much experience and skill. The specialists of the Proctology Department of Oxford Medical clinic are the only in Kyiv and Ukraine, who has HAL-RAR equipment. We guarantee the result, expected from HAL-RAR procedure, only if the patient observes all doctor’s instructions. 


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