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Consultation with gastroenterologist

A gastroenterology is one of the fields of medicine, dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of everything, associated with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). The typical diseases, related to this area, may include the gastritis, gastric ulcer, cholecystitis and pancreatitis.

The problems, which sooner or later lead the patient to the gastroenterologist, are closely connected with those unfavorable factors, which surround us every day during many years. They include:

  • incorrect diet and lifestyle;
  • nervous and physical exertion;
  • bad habits (alcoholism, tobacco smoking);
  • bad ecologic situation etc.

When working with patients, regardless of the disease and its stage, the main final goal of the gastroenterologist is the normalization of digestive processes.  The food, consequently passing through the sections of the digestive system, undergoes many changes on its way, the complexity and interdependence of which indirectly reflect on the selection of the method and scheme of treatment.


Many serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract are associated with the transition of disease into chronic stage. And the task of the gastroenterologist is not to let the chronic process develop that can be achieved through fulfillment of three fundamental conditions:

  1. Timely prevention.
  2. Qualified diagnosis.
  3. Early visit of the patient to the specialist.

Namely in this regard, when you find the first signs of malfunctioning of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by the unusual and repeating symptoms within some time, you should urgently visit the specialists. The preliminary diagnosis can be made based on the data of laboratory tests and primary examination.  The comprehensive examination with application of the newest equipment, used in our medical center, will allow making the precise diagnosis.


Every day, the whole complex of unfavorable factors, which put pressure on the modern man, negatively affects the condition and functions of our digestive system. The scale of processes can be indirectly assessed as per the significant “rejuvenation” of the gastrointestinal tract diseases and the increase in the number of patients with the diseases in the severe chronic form.


The patients, who actively practice self-treatment, is one of the additional problems, with which the specialists of Oxford Medical clinic have to face almost every day. Except for the low effectiveness of such ad hoc approach, in most cases, it leads to the severe consequences, accompanied by the transition of the disease into chronic phases with multiple possible complications. It is much more difficult to get the patient out of this condition.


The consultation with the gastroenterologist in Oxford Medical clinic includes:

  • taking history;
  • thorough examination of the patient;
  • detailed recommendations on the selection of therapeutic diet schemes;
  • making preliminary diagnosis.

Why do patients choose Oxford Medical?

Consulting the specialists of Oxford Medical Kyiv clinic, you receive the advantages, which will determine the success of your treatment.

They include:

  • strictly individual approach, use of treatment schemes, which were selected taking into account the organism and condition of the patient;
  • qualified comprehensive diagnostics with use of the modern equipment, allowing precisely determining the cause of the disease (ultrasound examination, colonoscopy, gastroscopy, capsule endoscopy);
  • ability to receive consultations with the specialists of related medical field – urologists and proctologists;
  • treatment of the cause of the disease, but not its symptoms;
  • use of ultramodern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment;
  • services of experienced highly qualified specialists;
  • high probability of the recovery of the organism and complete healing provided that all doctors’ recommendations were fulfilled.

Thus, consulting the specialists of our medical center, you receive the opportunity to undergo a comprehensive highly professional examination at affordable prices and obtain the precise diagnosis comfortably, quickly and centrally. And for that, you will not have to undergo medical tests and ultrasound examination in the nearest clinic of Kyiv.


You can make appointment for consultation with the gastroenterologist by filling in the application form on our website or by calling (044) 204-40-40


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29-03-2016 гастроэнтеролог-замечательный врач!Сразу видно профессионал, который знает свое дело, добрый, чуткий и отзывчивый! Все понятно и доходчиво расскажет и посоветует! Спасибо огромное!!!!!
07-02-2014 Был в гастроэнтерологии у Скибало Светланы Анатольевны,хороший врач, Очень рад, что попал к этому доктору. Не побоюсь посоветовать своим, если не дай бог понадобится

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