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Hepatitis panel

A hepatitis is the type of liver diseases, which have different origins and cause of the appearance, but have the equal impact over the organ – damage its tissues with a different degree of severity.


First of all, it is recommended undergoing the viral hepatitis panel to those, who underwent the following procedures:

  • dental treatment;
  • blood transfusion or work with it;
  • injections;
  • operations;
  • cosmetological procedures;
  • manicure.

In addition, you should undergo medical tests, if you change the sexual partner, plan pregnancy, have damaged the cutaneous integument.


The following symptoms are also the preconditions for undergoing the examination for hepatitis:

  • severity, pressure, pain in the liver (on the right in the ribs);
  • yellowness of the skin, whites of eyes, itchiness;
  • clarification of the feces and darkening of the urine;
  • intolerance to fatty foods.


The disease has three types: A, B and C. The last of them is the most dangerous, as its acute form often becomes chronic, as the result of which the process of full disruption of liver cells lasts for decades. The A hepatitis (Botkin’s disease) is transmitted through water, dishes, food. This type of the disease is caused by the yellowness of the skin, discoloration of feces, darkening of the urine and passes very acutely. The B hepatitis is usually transmitted through the blood. Everybody can catch it; that is why you need to undergo periodic examinations in order to start treatment in time.


The suspicions of A hepatitis should appear in case of:

  • presence of any clinical signs of viral hepatitis;
  • urinary retention (cholestasis);
  • contact with the person, ill with A hepatitis.

The hepatitis B panel is recommended:

  • when the clinical pattern, characteristic for viral hepatitis, is observed, but there are no markers of other types of this disease;
  • during the preparation for vaccination and check for its effectiveness;
  • when finding the antibodies to B hepatitis.

The hepatitis C panel:

  • when preparing for the operation;
  • after having unprotected sexual intercourse, changing the sexual partner;
  • in case of cholestasis, clinical pattern of the viral hepatitis, increased level of AST and ALT;
  • in case of parental administration of drugs;
  • in case of intravenous drug use.


In Oxford Medical clinic, you can undergo the general blood analysis, biochemical blood analysis or “liver tests”:

  • AST and ALT - aminotransferases, the enzymes, the high concentration of which evidence about the liver disorder;
  • bilirubin (general, direct, indirect) – the enzyme, formed during the breakdown of hemoglobin; its enlargement evidences about the liver failure;
  • ALP and GGT – alkaline phosphatase and gamma-glutamyltransferase, the enzymes, which are indicative of the problems with the liver, with high concentration in the blood;
  • glucose is the main source of energy for the whole organism. The increase or decrease in its concentration can speak of the toxic hepatitis.
  • total protein and albumin – the swellings may be observed in case of the significant decrease;
  • lipid panel – or blood analysis for cholesterol.

Oxford Medical clinic provides the opportunity to undergo the blood test (if required, anonymously) for viral hepatitis B, C and A – rapid screening test, HBsAg, HCV, Anti-HAV Ig G.


There are several reasons to trust the specialists of Oxford Medical clinic:

  • all the specialists have many years of work experience;
  • the examinations are performed on the advanced, modern equipment;
  • each patient receives the individual treatment program;
  • we guarantee full recovery, if you follow all doctor’s recommendations.

You can make appointment for consultation in the Gastroenterology Department of Oxford Medical clinic by calling (044) 204-40-40 or filling in the application form on our website. 


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