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Treatment of chronic hepatitis

A chronic hepatitis is the inflammatory dystrophic disease of the liver. The inflammation usually lasts for more than six months. As is known, the liver is one of the most important organs in our organism. It actively participates in the digestion as well as performs the function of the filter – it purifies blood, eliminating the toxic byproducts, all possible allergens and poisons. The chronic hepatitis, which disturbs the normal functioning of the liver, leads to serious consequences for the human organism.


If the acute viral hepatitis is not treated, it, as a rule, becomes chronic. However, the causes for appearance of the chronic hepatitis may also be:

  • continuous impact of toxic substances on the organism (toxic liver damage);
  • continuous intake of certain medications;
  • metabolic disorder;
  • autoimmune processes.


The progression of chronic hepatitis is always individual. It depends on the functioning of other organs and systems in the human organism. 

The most widespread signs of the disease:

  • enlarged liver, dull pain during palpation;
  • enlarged spleen;
  • bradycardia, insomnia, depression, irritability;
  • low appetite, nausea, tympanites, problems with bowel movement;
  • weakness, decreased performance;
  • jaundice;
  • nose bleed, rapidly appearing bruises;
  • pain in the joints;
  • high concentration of gamma globulin in the blood serum.


The treatment of the disease includes:

  1. effective therapy, aimed at eliminating the cause of the disease;
  2. restoration of the structure and functions of the liver;
  3. special therapeutic diet.

The alcohol, any fried, salted and fatty food are fully excluded from the diet. The hepatoprotectors, composed of amino acids, vitamins and medicinal plant extracts, are used for strengthening the process of liver regeneration.  The observance of all doctors’ instructions usually gives a good result.


The treatment in our clinic is:

  • advanced diagnostic technologies, allowing obtaining the most precise results;
  • high professionalism of doctors, guaranteeing the effective and safe treatment;
  • course of the modern medication therapy with high quality medications;
  • individual selection of methods of comprehensive treatment for each patient. 


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