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Benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment

A benign prostatic hyperplasia is one of the most frequently diagnosed male diseases. It is encountered among 63% of the adult population of the planet. Virtually each man, aged above 40, has the hormonal disorder, which causes the formation of the benign prostatic hyperplasia in 50% of cases. If you have already turned 40 and the problems with male health show themselves in the form of frequent urination, pain, rapid fatigability – you should visit the specialist. It is important to understand that the delay may result in inflammation of the bladder, kidney failure and other diseases.


Nowadays, it is not finally determined why men suffer from this disease. It is known that there is a close connection between the disease and the level of male sex hormones, the number of which decreases with age. The frequency of manifestations of disease symptoms virtually always depends directly on the age of a man. It was proven that the glands, which cause the prostatic hyperplasia, produce special antagonist substances to male sex hormones, as the result of which the decrease in their concentration in blood causes the disturbance of balance of male and female sex hormones in the organism of a man that leads to active expansion of cells of these glands.


The appearance of symptoms of the benign prostatic hyperplasia in the untypical age (30-40) for this disease is often connected with changing the men’s lifestyle for worse (lack of physical activity, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol abuse). Doing the extreme sports (diving, surfing, skiing) can cause the development of chronic prostatitis due to the lengthy hypothermia, and it often leads to the benign prostatic hyperplasia.


The worrying signs of the disease may be:

  • frequent, difficult urination;
  • urine flow with drops;
  • weak urine stream;
  • unpleasant feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder.


In the Urology Department of Oxford Medical clinic, the specialists conduct consultation and initial examination of the patient, which include:

  • conversation with the doctor, detecting the symptoms, filling in the personal medical record of the patient; 
  • undergoing medical tests and diagnostic procedures, using technologies (Doppler ultrasonography, biothesiometry, vasoactive test,  complete blood count, general blood and urine analyses);
  • examination of the prostate through rectum;
  • development of individual treatment scheme with use of minimally invasive methods.


The Urology Department of Oxford Medical clinic offers its clients affordable prices for treatment of different urological problems, including the benign prostatic hyperplasia.

In addition, in Oxford Medical:

  • we use only advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment as per individual schemes;
  • we guarantee the minimum discomfort while diagnosing and undergoing treatment;
  • modern equipment helps to quickly and effectively solve any urological problem without side effects;
  • we provide opportunity to undergo all necessary tests in our clinic;
  • we guarantee absolute confidentiality.

If you already turned 40, the annual examination by the urologist is a necessity. Vising Oxford Medical, you will always undergo the professional diagnosis procedure and high quality treatment. Make appointment for consultation and diagnosis by calling (044) 204 40 40.


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