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Hydrocele treatment

A hydrocele is the disease, during which the testicle increases, the swelling forms, in which the fluid accumulates.  Depending on the stage of disease, from several milliliters to several liters can accumulate. The hydrocele can be congenital or develop over time.


In most cases, the hydrocele is not accompanied by the painful feelings; that is why its treatment is often deferred. Such symptoms are indicative of the hydrocele:

  • swelling of the scrotum;
  • discomfort during the urination;
  • discomfort when moving;
  • sexual disorders.

If the infection is the cause of hydrocele, then the disease can be accompanied by the symptoms, characteristic for the inflammatory process: high temperature, weakness etc.

The cause of formation of the hydrocele can be:

  • injury;
  • inflammation of the testicle;
  • varicocele;
  • tumor;
  • complication after transplantation of kidney;
  • complication after severe diseases (gonorrhea, tuberculosis);
  • cardio-vascular insufficiency;
  • congenital pathology.


First of all, in case of suspicion of the hydrocele, you need to visit the urologist. The doctor delicately examines the patient and listens to his complaints. For establishing a precise diagnosis, the doctor can order the ultrasound, to determine the size of formation and volume of accumulated fluid. In case of suspicion of the inflammatory process, the doctor will order the blood and urine tests. As per results of examinations, the doctor draws conclusion on the causes of this disease and determines the most suitable methods of treatment.


The excessive fluid is removed by a small operation, which does not require hospitalization, you may need to spend several hours in the day outpatient department of the clinic.

The treatment does not impact the sexual function and does not limit the daily life of the patient. After the surgery, the testicles and scrotum retrieve their natural appearance.


If the hydrocele was caused by other diseases, for example, inflammation or injury, you need to simultaneously cure the disease, which caused it. The advanced stage of a disease can cause problems with the urine outflow or discomfort during the sexual intercourse; that is why in case of the first manifestations of hydrocele, you need urgently visit the doctor.

You can make appointment with the urologist at the convenient time by calling(044) 204-40-40. 


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