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Hearing loss treatment

A hearing loss may be congenital and acquired. There are different causes of the acquired hearing loss, but almost all of them respond to treatment and the hearing is regained. If you noticed that it became harder for you to distinguish the words, you get distracted during the conversation with the interlocutor, ask again, then it is the reason to visit the doctor to check the hearing.


The hearing loss is most often caused by:

  • noise exposure (noisy work, loud music);
  • different diseases (otitis, rheumatoid arthritis, syphilis);
  • head and ear injuries;
  • rupture (perforation) of the ear drum;
  • cerumens;
  • intoxication (intake of certain medications);
  • age-related changes.


If it seems to you that you started hearing worse, then you need to visit the otolaryngologist (ENT doctor).

The doctor will test the hearing with speech and tone audiometry as well as perform examination to detect the cause of the hearing loss.


Depending on the cause of hearing loss, the experienced doctor will prescribe a medication treatment and will send to the consultations with related specialists (neurologist, rheumatologist etc.)

If you found a cerumen, the doctors of Oxford Medical clinic will perform a lavage of ears for its removal.

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