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Throat and Larynx diseases

Which of us never experienced pain in the throat? The people most often use folk remedies or affordable medications as the therapy. However, in case of incorrect treatment, the disease can cause serious consequences.


The causes, due to which the problem occurs, may be different. Most often, it is a viral or bacterial infection. However, the pain can be caused by more serious factors: tumor or allergy.

The discomfort, tickling sensation in the throat is one of the symptoms of such diseases as:

  • influenza;
  • ARVI;
  • tonsillitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • laryngitis.

In all cases, the patient experiences a lack of energy, fatigue, headache, while the temperature can rise just a little bit. In order the treatment is positive, it is better to visit the doctor on time. The tonsillitis is the most widespread option of the problem, caused by the bacteria. It is accompanied by the high temperature, pain in swallowing, and in the meantime, the throat and tonsils get swollen. The larynx can also be affected by the fungus. In this case, the mouth cavity gets covered by the pellicle. The fungus causes such diseases as the pharyngitis or laryngitis.


If the problem occurred, it is better to visit the specialist. The otolaryngologist will perform examination and prescribe a course of treatment. Otherwise, the disease can lead to unwanted effects.


The advanced stage of the laryngitis is the direct way to its atrophic form. The adults may have the decreased muscle tone and vocal cords, while the children may be prone to suffocation.  The pharyngitis become chronic over time. And if the causative agent gets into the blood, it can lead to the lethal outcome. The tonsillitis impacts many internal organs. After its appearance, its complications can affect the kidneys, nasal pharynx and heart.


It is impossible to independently detect the cause of appearance of the disease and its nature. That is why the standard methods of therapy in these cases are not only useless, but also dangerous. The ill person can eliminate symptoms, but it does not guarantee the full recovery.


In Oxford Medical private clinic, the patient undergoes the individual examination and receives the treatment scheme, which maximally fits in his case. The modern equipment, experienced ENT specialists and pleasant atmosphere are what we offer our clients.


The network of clinics is located in nineteen large cities of Ukraine – Kyiv, Rovno, Lutsk, Zhytomyr and others. Remember that the health is a guarantee of a happy life, full of new discoveries. Trusting the professional doctors, you can be calm and confident in the future. 

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Glubochitskaya street, 40X;

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Otolaryngologist: Ischenko Olesya Yakovlevna
Otolaryngologist: Ischenko Olesya Yakovlevna
Ischenko Olesya YakovlevnaOtolaryngologist

Glubochitskaya street, 40X;

information about doctor

Otolaryngologist, <br>Children's ENT: Baydachenko Natalya Pavlovna
Baydachenko Natalya Pavlovna Otolaryngologist,
Children's ENT
Otolaryngologist, <br>Children's ENT: Baydachenko Natalya Pavlovna
Baydachenko Natalya PavlovnaOtolaryngologist,
Children's ENT

Glubochitskaya street, 40X;

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Людмила 04-11-2020 Спасибо Елене Владимировне за эффективное лечение.Пришла на консультацию с ринитом и синуситом. Получила ответы на вопросы и даже рисунок с подробным объяснением моей проблемы) Доктор назначила лекарства и КТ. После лечения мне стало легче дышать. Конечно, предстоит еще работа, но теперь это больше зависит от меня. Также хочу отметить приятное отношение и полное соблюдение санитарных норм. Буду обращаться ещё!
Светлана 09-09-2020 Сильно болело горло примерно 3 недели и не проходило, потом решила сходить к врачу и попала на прием к Антон Семёновичу. Взял анализы и назначенное лечение помогло! Спасибо!
Владислава 01-09-2020 Дуже вдячна, Наталії Павлівна, за приємне відвідування і швидке професійне вирішення моєї проблеми!!Хороших пацієнтів Вам!!
Ирина 21-01-2019 Пришла с проблемой к Стоянову Э.В. и он назначил лечение, которое очень помогло.Рекомендую как хорошего специалиста и вообще приятного человека.
Скаленко Дарина Александровна 06-11-2016 Хочу поблагодарить доктора Зубкову Е.В. за оказанную помощь.
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