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Ear eczema treatment

An eczema is the skin disease, which can be caused by different reasons: from influence of external factors to diseases of the internal organs. The ear eczema occurs on the external part of the organ, but with incorrect treatment (or its absence), it can penetrate deeper. In order the disease does not reach the critical point, you need to take care of your health and pay attention to the symptoms.


The change of skin color in the auricle area and the severe itching are the main symptoms, during which you need to visit the doctor. The signs of eczema are also:

  • swelling;
  • appearance of spots;
  • swelling;
  • dryness and exfoliation.

If the disease progresses for long time, the follicles or hard crust may form on the skin. The purulent wounds and unpleasant smell appear at the late stage. When noticing the first signs, you need to urgently visit the otolaryngologist for examination and undergoing therapy. 


Before prescribing the treatment, the specialist conducts the session, which includes:

  • examination;
  • taking history;
  • clarifying the time of appearance;
  • determining the symptoms
  • additional clinical examinations (as per doctor’s instruction).

In order to get a full picture of the disease, the doctor can take a scrape test of the skin area. It will allow detecting or excluding the presence of infection. The poor hygiene and weakened organism can cause the disease. The list of causes can include:

  • bad or improper cosmetics;
  • headphones or hearing aid;
  • jewelry;
  • shampoo or styling aid;
  • weak immune system;
  • allergy;
  • chronic diseases.

The incorrectly selected medications, allergic reactions to dust or cosmetics can exacerbate the problem at the initial stages. Under no circumstances, you should allow combing these skin areas to avoid appearance of the wounds.


You can visit Oxford Medical clinic for diagnosis and treatment, which is located in Kyiv and 18 cities of Ukraine. The qualified ENT doctor will perform the individual examination and conversation, and establish a diagnosis and prescribe therapy, based on the collected data. It can be a use of ointments, creams or intake of antibiotics and physiotherapy. While undergoing the treatment, the patient needs to keep diet: exclude sweets, flavor additives and fat food.


For achieving the maximally positive effect, you need to strictly follow a course of prescribed treatment and do not depart from the scheme, developed by the doctor. The correct timely treatment and prevention are the basis of robust health.  


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