Ear diseases

The ears are one of the most complex organs. They have a unique structure and play a huge role not only in sound perception, but also in coordination. They consist of three sections: outer, middle and inner. There are many problems and diseases of this organ, the treatment of which should be entrusted to only qualified specialists.


Due to its specific structure and position, this organ can be exposed to many various problems. They may include the congenital pathologies, traumas and infections. The inflammation or otitis is the most frequent disease of the outer ear, represented by the auricle and auditory meatus. It can develop due to the bad ecologic situation, intake of antibiotics or malnutrition. The first signs are feeling the acute pain when moving the jaw or touching the ear.


The middle ear is represented by the eardrum, which is located in the temple bone. The inflammation process may also occur in this area. At the same time, you should remember that the position of this section guarantees the close connection with other organs. That is why the disease can affect facial nerves and brain tissues. The pus can accumulate in the middle ear, thus squeezing the eardrum and deforming it that also results in hearing problems.


The inner ear consists of many canals, through which the sound, coming from the ambient environment, transforms into nerve impulses. The problems with this part of the organ lead to the loss of hearing and coordination disturbance. The patients are most often diagnosed with such diseases:

  • hearing loss
  • otosclerosis
  • labyrinths;
  • Ménière's disease 


In case of appearance of pain sensations or discomfort, you should apply to the qualified doctor. The otolaryngologist or, as usually called ENT doctor, specializes in such problems.

The doctors of 20 specialities, including otolaryngologists, work in Oxford Medical. We offer such services:

  • Cut opening the furuncle;
  • Ear toilet;
  • Cerumen and foreign body removal ;
  • Otitis, ear dermatitis, otomycosis treatment.

The diagnosis is made based on the thorough examination and conversation with the patient. Then the ENT doctor draws up the individual treatment schedule, orders necessary procedures and prescribes the intake of medications.

Our clinics are represented in nineteen cities of Ukraine – Kyiv, Kharkov, Vinnitsa and others. We have the qualified and caring personnel, individual approach as well as a cutting-edge equipment for diagnosis and treatment. The health is the most valuable resource for each man; that is why you should trust it to proven and reliable specialists.  


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