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Snoring treatment

The snoring can spoil life not only to us, but also to our family. In addition, the heavy snoring can cause harm to your health. For example, it can become the cause of apnea – suspension of breathing during sleep.


The snoring people may have the suspension of breathing up to 400 times for one night. Over time, it will inevitably cause problems of a cardiovascular system, oxygen deprivation (cerebral hypoxia), and general intoxication of the organism due to metabolic disorders as well as can become the cause of neuroses, depression and chronic fatigue. The apnea can result in the lethal outcome.


The problems with the nasal pharynx and larynx most frequently become the cause of snoring. That is why the first thing that you need to do for snoring diagnosis and treatment is to consult ENT doctor (otolaryngologist).

The otolaryngological problems, which most often cause the snoring, include:

  • nasal adenoids;
  • deflection of the nasal septum;
  • nose trauma;
  • persistent runny nose, including allergic;
  • maxillary sinusitis;
  • falling palate;
  • enlarged tonsils.

Other problems, which cause the snoring, include:

  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • allergy;
  • excess weight;
  • increased pressure
  • smoking, alcohol abuse.


The respective treatment is prescribed if the specialist finds problems with the nasal pharynx or larynx, which became the causes of snoring. In case of appearance of inflammation processes, the doctor can order sanitation for lavage of the focuses of infection. The treatment can include the surgical intervention, removal of the causes of the problem by surgical methods (removal of tonsils, adenoids, correction of the nasal septum, removal of the palatine uvula etc.)


If the problems with nasal pharynx and larynx were not detected, it is recommended receiving consultations from related specialists: cardiologist, allergist or neuropathologist.

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