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Tonsillitis treatment

Tonsillitis treatmentA tonsillitis is the inflammation of palatine nostrils, caused by the bacterial or viral infection. Despite the seemingly “harmlessness” of the disease, one of its complications is the disease of the heart and cardiovascular system.


The tonsillitis most often manifests itself through:

  • sore throat;
  • difficulty swallowing;
  • increased lymph nodes;
  • increased temperature;
  • general weakness and sweating.

The asymptomaticcourse of the tonsillitis is also possible, which virtually does not disturb the patient, manifesting itself only through the light discomfort. That is why ENT doctors of Oxford Medical Kyiv clinic advise visiting the doctors with weakly pronounced, but lengthy problems with a throat.


The bacterial or viral infection is the most widespread cause of the tonsillitis. The disease is caused the hypothermia, weakening of the immune system of the organism, injury of tonsils, chronic ENT diseases etc.


For effective treatment of the tonsillitis, it is important to correctly diagnose it, excluding ARVI, for which the pains in the throats are also characteristic. It will need the examination by ENT doctor, bacterial puncture test and rheumatologic panel.


The treatment should be administered under care of the qualified doctor, who will establish what namely caused the tonsillitis and how it can be treated. The treatment course includes a medication therapy as well as curative manipulations: lavage and rinsing of the throat, sanitation of tonsils and ozone therapy.


In some cases, the surgical treatment can be indicated, during which the tonsils are removed. It is necessary if the patient suffers from frequent tonsillitis (more than 2 times a year) and their complications from the heart and joints. The surgical treatment is also necessary in those cases, when the conservative treatment is ineffective.


If you have noticed the signs of tonsillitis, you should better not delay the visit to the doctor for preventing possible complications of the disease.

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