Chronic tonsillitis treatment

The tonsillitis often develops into the chronic form, continuing to have negative impact on the organism and being dangerous the same as the acute form of the disease.


If we can easily recognize by ourselves the acute tonsillitis (sharp pain in the throat, swallowing difficulty, high temperature), then it is much more difficult to detect the chronic tonsillitis, as it can progress virtually asymptomatically. The weak pain in the throat in the morning and minor ailment during the whole day will hardly make anybody visit the doctor, and the disease continues to have negative impact on the organism for years.


The chronic tonsillitis can develop as the result of the previous acute disease (tonsillitis, measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria) or without acute form. The cause of the tonsillitis is the focal infection, which continually affects the organism, maintaining the condition of the chronic inflammation.


With the weakened immunity and continuous impact of pathogens on the organism, the chronic tonsillitis can develop into the toxico-allergic tonsillitis. It is the dangerous disease, which may lead to many problems:

  • changes in the cardio-vascular system;
  • general intoxication;
  • disturbance of functions of the nervous system, especially vegetative;
  • kidney, eye, skin and thyroid diseases;
  • danger of development of rheumatism and systemic lupus erythematosus.


For establishing the correct diagnosis, the ENT doctor will perform examination and order the laboratory bacterial analysis for detecting the type of pathogens, which cause the disease.


For establishing the diagnosis, there are two methods of treatment: conservative and surgical.


The conservative method includes the comprehensive and stage-by-stage treatment. In our clinic, the doctors will perform sanitation (lavage) of the oral cavity for releasing the focuses from inflammation from the infection. The medication treatment will be targeted at suppressing the focus of infection and improving the immunity. The change of the daily regime, dietary regime and physical activity is important in treatment.


Currently, the modern medicine changed its attitude to the tonsillectomy, as it became known that their absence increases the risk of development of the myocardial infarction after 45 by 53%. That is why now it is recommended administering the systemic treatment of chronic tonsillitis within 2 years, and only after this period, unless the functioning of tonsils can be restored, the doctor orders their removal.

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