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Fungal ear infection treatment

A fungal ear infection is the fungal disease, which affects the external and middle ear and can affect the eardrum. The causative agent is often Aspergillus niger as well as Aspergillus (terreus, flavus and fumigatus). The last three are the most widespread in the countries, located in tropics. Candida ranks the second in the districts with moderate climatic conditions. This fungus can get into the ear cavity, if the patient is ill with the candidiasis.


The disease is divided into several types:

  • external;
  • mycotic otitis media;
  • fungal myringitis;
  • fungal ear infection of the post-surgical cavity.

In order to visit the doctor and start treatment, you should carefully observe the appearance of symptoms. The external type usually onsets when the patient feels that cutaneous integuments in the ear area became too dry. The light swelling occurs due to the obstruction of cutaneous glands. As the result of it, the patient complains about the stuffiness and itching. If the fungal ear infection progresses acutely, then the discharges may appear. A very strong painful syndrome is peculiar to this type.


The otitis media most often develop on the background of the available inflammation. In this case, the patient complains about the noise, stuffiness as well as severe ear- and headache. The fungal myringitis also impacts the eardrum and results in the loss of hearing.


Such disease very often becomes chronic. It is caused by the low-quality diagnosis. The laboratory tests play the main role in detecting the problem. 

The experienced doctor will order the microscopic and culture test, based on the performed examination and conversation. Thanks to these procedures, it is possible to detect the presence of spores and growth of specific fungal bacteria. Unfortunately, even similar measures not always can guarantee the presence or absence of the disease. That is why if the ENT doctor suspects the fungal ear infection, he prescribes a trial treatment.


In case of appearance of symptoms, you can apply to Oxford Medical clinic for undergoing the examination. The qualified ENT doctor will interview, perform otoscopy as well as order necessary procedures for establishing a precise diagnosis. Based on the collected material, the doctor will propose a maximally effective form of therapy.


The main advantages of Oxford Medical clinic are the individual approach, professionalism and sincere care about patients. Our clinics are located in Kyiv and other large cities of Ukraine. In order to feel confident and calm, you need to exactly know what caused this or that problem. Applying to the specialists, you will secure yourself and will significantly improve your health.  

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