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The adenoids is the enlargement of the pharyngeal tonsil, causing many problems in the children’s organism.


The adenoids cause many problems for the growing organism, the main of which is the difficulty breathing through nose. As the result, the child starts breathing mainly through mouth that causes some problems, from snoring to impairment of hearing and possible problems with the speech.


The children with adenoids more often fall ill with inflammatory diseases of the larynx, pharynx, trachea and bronchi that is connected with the breathing of cold air (when breathing through nose, the air gets warmed). The shallow breathing through mouth causes the pathologies of development of the chest.


Because of breathing through mouth, the lower jaw starts sagging; there may appear inflammations in the paranasal sinuses. As the result, the growth disorder of the child’s facial skeleton is observed.

Due to constant problems with breathing, the blood composition changes, the problems with kidneys and gastrointestinal tract start, the metabolic and hormonal imbalances appear.


This all affects the nervous system of the child: the sluggishness, apathy, mood swings with irritation are observed. The child have headaches.


It is necessary to precisely determine the stage of the disease for prescribing effective treatment. The examination by the doctor and, if necessary, radiologic examination will be enough for it.


The surgical operation is the most reliable and effective method of removing adenoids. The conservative methods of treatment are usually applied, if there are contraindications for the operation (for example, blood disease).


The ENT doctors of Oxford Medical clinic will establish a precise diagnosis and, if necessary, perform a qualified surgical intervention to eliminate the potential threat to your child’s health.


  • qualified otolaryngologists;
  • possibility to undergo all medical tests and examinations within the walls of the medical center;
  • possibility to have consultation with the doctors of related medical fields.

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Lazorenko Oksana Vasilievna Otolaryngologist, surgeon
Lazorenko Oksana VasilievnaOtolaryngologist, surgeon

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21-01-2019 Пришла с проблемой к Стоянову Э.В. и он назначил лечение, которое очень помогло.Рекомендую как хорошего специалиста и вообще приятного человека.
06-11-2016 Хочу поблагодарить доктора Зубкову Е.В. за оказанную помощь.
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