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Earwax removal

An earwax is the accumulation of secretion, released by the organism, in the auditory meatus. For long time, a man may not know about the existing problems. The first thing, the patients pay attention to is the increase of earwax as well as noise in the ears after some water gets into it. It is recommended removing the accumulated secretion in the hospital under a doctor’s care.


The earwax removal is not a solution of the problem. At the beginning, you need to determine the causes of its formation, or otherwise it will form again.  The factors, influencing the appearance of this disorder, are the following:

  • improper care after ear cavity;
  • predisposition;
  • getting water into the ear;
  • frequent oscillation of atmospheric pressure;
  • inflammation processes;
  • staying in dusty places;
  • skin diseases;
  • use of hearing aids and headphones;
  • high cholesterol.

The ear cavity hygiene is very often maintained incorrectly. The frequent use of cotton swabs, matches and other hard objects irritates skin, thereby causing the increase of secretion. In addition, the similar cleaning methods may result in the earwax getting deeper into the auditory meatus.

The correct cleaning procedure consists in washing the ear under water and removing the moist by the towel or napkin. You need to repeat it not more than two times per week.


The ENT doctor can diagnose presence of earwax, based on the patient’s complaint and examination. There are two types, which the specialists use. Firstly, the doctor can irrigate the auditory meatus. It is a painless but not a very pleasant procedure. The special solution is administered into the ear by a big syringe (without a needle). The earwax  is not always removed from the first attempt; that is why the procedure can be repeated other 2-3 times.


Secondly, the otolaryngologist can remove formation by the special instrument in the form of a hook. Such method is selected in case of formation of the dry earwax.

You can undergo examination and treatment in Oxford Medical clinic. The list of provided services includes:

  • earwax irrigation;
  • ear toilet;
  • ozonization of auditory meatuses;
  • medication treatment.

The preventive measures may be performed in home conditions. You need to cleanse the auditory meatus not more than two times per 7-10 days by the special tip applicator for it. The procedure is performed by rotary movements, but not back and forth.


The people, who have the risk of appearance of such problem, should find out from the specialist, which drops the specialist can use for decreasing the probability of appearance.  Oxford Medical clinics are located in the largest cities of Ukraine – Kyiv, Zaporizhzhya, Kharkiv, Vinnitsa etc. Trust your health to professionals. 


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