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Allergic rhinitis treatment

An allergic rhinitis (allergic runny nose) can be quite debilitating, as without treatment it can last for several months. The allergy is the hypertrophic protective reaction of our organism to external pathogens (allergens).


Along with the nasal stuffiness, the ill person can feel general malaise, headaches, tickling sensation in the throat, weakness and irritation. If this disease is not treated, then the allergy can develop into a more serious form, for example, bronchial asthma. That is why it is very important to timely apply to the doctor in order to avoid complications and get rid of unpleasant symptoms.


The allergic rhinitis occurs during the blooming period of plants, which are the powerful allergens for some people. Such rhinitis is called as the pollen disease, and it can last as long as these plants bloom, and then disappears. If the chronic rhinitis lasts for the whole year, then the cause of its appearance can be the home dust, mites or detergents.


If the rhinitis lasts for more than a week, the nasal discharges are transparent; in addition, there is a tickle in the throat, then it is evidently that you have the allergic rhinitis.

In order to make sure that it is namely the allergic rhinitis, you need to undergo some laboratory tests:

  • bacteriologic culture test of the nose and throat mucosa;
  • general blood count
  • immunoglobulin analysis.

The doctor orders the allergen tests for detecting the allergens, which cause this protective reaction of the organism.

After the doctor finds out to which pathogens such reaction occurs, he orders the medication treatment as well as gives advice on the lifestyle for improving your well-being.


At the stage of the acute allergic reaction, the doctor prescribes the symptomatic treatment, which will eliminate unpleasant manifestations: nasal irrigation, antihistamine drugs, diet control as well as vitamins and preparations for supporting the immune system. The consultation with the allergist is required for further treatment of the allergy.

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