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Dental X-rays



The panoramic X-ray image is the two-dimensional image, which shows the whole dento-facial system of the patient in general: both jaws, teeth, temporomandibular joint, projection of mandibular nerve, maxillary sinuses.

The special enlargement X-rays (which show 1-3 teeth) is performed for identifying the situation with a concrete tooth.


CT (computed tomography) scan is the images of jaw. It is a very informative image for a doctor. It will help diagnosing and performing differential diagnostics. Such examination in the Dentistry Department is most often performed before implantation.  CT is one of the methods of studying the condition of the bone tissue. Same as the dental X-ray imaging and the panoramic X-ray imaging, it is actively used in the dentistry and ophthalmology. It is distinguishable from two other methods by the fact that it allows viewing not a two-dimensional, but a three-dimensional image of the whole jaw and different parts of the skull. The regular image gives only 30-40% of information, tomographic – all 100%.


-          Performs the diagnostic role. The correct diagnosis, as in any other branch of medicine, is the solution of half of a problem. The different types of X-ray images allow seeing the inflammation in periapical tissues and the condition of the parodontium, identifying the hidden caries and pathologies in TMJ (temporomandibular joint).

-          The X-ray images have the controlling nature. In particular, during the endodontic treatment, the X-ray control is an obligatory stage. It helps a doctor to see how qualitatively and how deep the root canal is filled. In addition, the control images may be seen through some time after treatment in order to control the development of pathologic process (i.e. to see how the inflammation site regressed or progressed).

-          The X-ray imaging is performed for planning further treatment. Thanks to the capabilities of modern computer technologies, the dentist can plan his actions in virtual environment: the certain situation is modelled, using special software; then it is projected on the patient.


If you still doubt whether the dental X-rays are harmful, we will provide some figures: the radiation exposure during the panoramic dental X-ray is 0.02 mSv, while from the ambient environment (natural background) a person annually receives about 3.0 mSv. There are the radiation exposure norms for preventive purposes – the annual radiation dose should not exceed 1.0 mSv. All performed X-ray examinations are recorded in the patient’s card. Therefore, if you undergo examination and treatment in the same clinic, the doctor always knows the exact aggregate radiation dose, received by you while diagnosing. 

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