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24-hour holter ECG monitoring

Not all heart diseases can be detected through the regular ECG, because the heart disorders often manifest themselves only after physical or emotional stress. The 24-hour monitoring allows studying the heart performance for 24 hours: under the impact of strains and stresses, when awake or asleep.


The electrical activity of the heart is registered by the portable device – holter, which is fixed on the patient’s chest.


The 24-hour monitoring is recommended in case of the following complaints:

  • pains and burning in the heart area;
  • heart disorders;
  • shortness of breath, feeling short of breath;
  • permanent weakness;
  • heart disorders;
  • dizziness;
  • faints.

The Holter monitoring is indispensable after the myocardial infarction or before performance of cardiac surgeries. The 24-hour monitoring is applied for diagnosing many cardiovascular diseases:

  • heart rate disturbances;
  • heart conduction disorders;
  • mute myocardial ischemia;
  • ischemic disease of the heart etc.

The Holter monitoring allows not only establishing the fact of arrhythmia, but also determining the frequency of its appearance, duration and threshold level of the stress, at which it appears.


The procedure of 24-hour monitoring is absolutely painless and does not have contraindications; that is why the cardiologists recommend it as the means of prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Holter monitoring does not require any preliminary preparation.


During the Holter monitoring, the patient should not limit physical activities or change his regular lifestyle; however, there are several simple rules, which should be observed, while the holter is connected:

  • keeping the detailed dairy of all actions so that the doctor could assess the degree of physical and emotional stress and match them with holder’s indications.
  • not taking shower or bath;
  • avoid mechanical damages, heating or electrical impact on the device;
  • watch so that the electrodes do not get unstuck.

The electrodes are fixed on the chest of the patient, the same as during the regular  ECG. They are connected to the holter, which is fixed on the waist or chest of the patient, after what he returns to a daily life.


In 24 hours, the apparatus is taken off, and the cardiologist analyzes the obtained data.


The cardiologist analyzes the results, which were obtained after Holter monitoring, and gives necessary information for a correct diagnosis and precise assessment of the heart performance. If necessary, the additional examinations (ultrasound of the heart) are ordered, the medical tests are taken, the consultations with related specialists are conducted.


The Holter monitoring helps controlling the effectiveness of treatment and, if necessary, corrects it. The apparatus can also be used for assessing the functioning of placed cardiac pacemaker.

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