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Tubus Quartz

UVR (ultraviolet radiation) or tubus quartz is the procedure, familiar to everybody from childhood that does not decrease its effectiveness in treatment of nasopharyngeal diseases. Tubus quartz remains one of the most reliable and safe methods of elimination of the pathologic microflora; that is why therapists, family doctors and otolaryngologists often order it.


The therapy with application of ultraviolet rays is effective in treatment of different diseases:

  • ARVI (colds);
  • runny nose (including the allergic rhinitis);
  • chronic tonsillitis (inflammation of tonsils);
  • external otitis (inflammation of the outer ear);
  • pharyngitis;
  • adenoiditis;
  • badly healing wounds.

The ultraviolet radiation can also be ordered during the recovery period from influenza, as the effective method of prevention of possible complications. In some cases, it is appropriate to perform these procedures, when you have cutaneous diseases (some forms of eczema and dermatitis).


The procedure is simple, painless and lasts for not more than several minutes. Such therapy is usually performed in the Day Patient Department – the patient needs to appear in the clinic only for undergoing the treatment session.


The duration of the session usually varies from 15 seconds to three minutes.  The treatment course starts from the minimum impact time, gradually increasing. The sessions are performed daily, while the treatment course usually includes from 5 to 10-12 procedures.


During the procedure, the patient is sitting, while through special nozzles, the required area of the skin or mucosa is exposed to ultraviolet rays.


The procedure is based on the intensive impact of ultraviolet rays with the certain wavelength (within the range of 400-180 nm), which is absorbed by the surface of the skin or mucosa, penetrating into them for 1 mm deep.


The ultraviolet radiation has a strong bactericidal effect, eliminating the bacteria and viruses. In response to the ultraviolet radiation, the organism releases the biologically active substances, which improve:

  • blood circulation;
  • feeding organs at the cellular level;
  • permeability of membranes of the cells;
  • activity of enzymes;
  • metabolism.

The ultraviolet radiation has a pain relief effect, activates the immune system, reduces the reaction of the organism to allergens, improves resistance of the organism to unfavorable environmental factors.


Nevertheless, the ultraviolet rays, used in tubus quartz, have some contraindications: presence of malignant tumors, bad blood clotting, tuberculosis of the lungs in the active stage and hypersensitivity to light exposure.

You can make appointment for tubus quartz in the Day Patient Department of Oxford Medical clinic by calling (044) 204 40 40 or using the form on our website. 


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