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Treatment of tracheitis

A tracheitis is the inflammation of the mucous membrane of trachea, caused by infections or impact of irritating agents; that is why the smokers and people, who stay in the dust- and smoke-laden air for long time, are often susceptible to it.

If the treatment is incorrect and untimely, the inflammation can spread over the bronchi or lungs, causing the bronchitis or pneumonia.


The lengthy bouts of dry cough without expectoration are the characteristic feature of the tracheitis.

The tracheitis can be acute and chronic. The acute tracheitis can be detected upon the presence of such signs:

  • bouts of coughing, which may appear during laughing, crying, deep breaths etc;
  • sore throat;
  • sternal pain;
  • hoarse voice, difficulty breathing;
  • body temperature rise (especially in the evening);
  • runny nose;
  • throat irritation, hoarseness;
  • general weakness, sickliness.

If the acute tracheitis is treated untimely or incorrectly, it develops into chronic. The chronic form is accompanied by the development of atrophic changes in patient’s trachea; that is why if such symptoms appear, you need to visit the doctor as soon as possible.


The tracheitis is usually a consequence of the infection, which affected other sections of the respiratory system, and it develops on the background of frequent runny nose and sore throat. However, the lengthy stay in closed, dusty rooms with dry air causes development of the tracheitis, because such conditions are ideal for dissemination of microorganisms.

In addition, the tracheitis is caused by:

  • hypothermia;
  • weakened immune system;
  • presence of foreign body in the trachea.


The physician or family doctor administers treatment of tracheitis. During the session, he auscultates the patient by using the stethoscope, listens to his complaints, studies his medical record and, if necessary, orders examinations.

In case of suspicion of the tracheitis, the doctor can recommend taking the blood test, pharyngeal and nasal swab, sputum culture test etc. After establishing a final diagnosis, the doctor prescribes treatment.

The treatment course depends on the causes of the disease, and can include antibiotics, antiviral preparations, anti-inflammatory medications and vitamins. If you have a dry cough, the doctor can prescribe expectorant preparations for expectoration. To speed up the process of recovery, the doctor can prescribe vitamins, inhalations, ozone therapy and other recovery procedures.

The patient may take any medications only if prescribed by the doctor. The self-medication of tracheitis is often not only ineffective, but also dangerous for health, especially – in case of uncontrolled applications of antibiotics. Because if the disease has viral nature, then the antibacterial drugs will be ineffective, and their use will negatively affect the microflora of the intestine and will create excess load on the liver.

That is why if you have noticed the first symptoms of the tracheitis, you should better not wait for complications, delaying your visit to the doctor, and you can make appointment to the family doctor of Oxford Medical clinic by calling (044) 204 40 40. 


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