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Treatment of bronchial asthma

A bronchial asthma is the lung disease, which manifests itself through asthma attacks and shortness of breath, caused by spasms or the swelling of bronchi.


As a rule, the asthma is caused by the allergic reaction, its occurrence is caused by:

  • reduction in immunity;
  • chronic bronchitis;
  • aggravated heredity (parents are asthmatics);
  • negative impact of ambient environment.

The bronchial asthma manifests itself through:

  • asthma attacks;
  • rales when breathing;
  • sensation of discomfort when breathing and chest congestion;
  • shortness of breath, even in case of absence of physical load;
  • cough.

The specified symptoms are usually caused in response to the impact of allergens (dust, animal hair, fungus, plant pollen), taking medications (aspirin-induced bronchial asthma), smoke and gas inhaling and as the result of physical load.


The asthma is the systemic disease, influencing the whole organism, because during its diagnosis, the comprehensive examination is required. 


First of all, the peakflowmetry (determination of the expiratory flow rate) is performed. The next stage is the allergy testing: allergen tests, analysis of immunoglobulin E, challenge test with allergens. The general clinic tests are also taken: analysis of blood, urine, phlegm, cleared from the throat etc. If necessary, the doctor orders the consultation with related specialists: allergist, otolaryngologist, pulmonologist. The X-ray examination of the chest may also be needed.


The bronchial asthma requires a long-term treatment, including the preparations, relieving the symptoms (asthma attacks) and preparations of the baseline therapy, which impact the mechanism of the disease. If you treat only symptoms of the asthma, then the disease will progress over time and the patient’s conditions will worsen. That is why it is important that the treatment is administered by the experienced doctor, who will not only relieve symptoms, but cure the disease. 


The elimination of risk factors plays the important role in treatment: minimization of contacts with allergens, negative factors of the environment, fighting against infections and thorough selection of medications.


The effective treatment of asthma without distracting from daily activities is possible in the day patient department.


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