Laser treatment of varicose veins

Varicose veins – it’s the diagnosis, which 67% of women and each second man have to encounter. There are many causes for appearance of the varicose vein disease: hereditary predisposition, overweight, sedentary lifestyle, work, requiring to stay on the move all the time, hard physical labor.


The first signs of varicose veins include the increased fatigability of legs, visible small outstanding veins, possible swellings of ankles (so-called compensation stage). Then the cramps at night and painful sensations appear along the affected vein, and more pronounced swelling of legs develops (sub-compensation stage).

At the third stage of development of disease (decompensation stage), the affected veins take a form of winding dark-blue “ropes”. The skin becomes thin and dry, the eczemas and broad painful sores appear over some time.

The specific danger of varicose veins consists in the fact that it causes development of thrombophlebite – inflammation of inner walls of the vein, which causes formation of blood clots.


The doctors of Oxford Medical Kyiv clinic have a wide arsenal of solutions for treatment of varicose veins. At early stages of development of the disease, it is allowed applying conservative methods:

  • prescribing an anti-inflammatory therapy;
  • application of vein tonics – drugs, which raise the tone of veins and reduce the permeability of vascular walls;
  • wearing specially selected compression garments.

It is important to understand that the application of different folk methods of treatment with unproved effectiveness is not the component part of conservative therapy, used for treatment of varicose veins.

The conservative treatment also plays a supporting role at more advanced stages of the disease in combination with surgical treatment.


The sclerotherapy and laser coagulation of affected veins are applied at the second and third stage of development of the disease.

The endovascular laser venous coagulation is the sparing nonsurgical method of varicose veins treatment, as the result of using which there occurs the obliteration of affected veins. During the procedure, the thin laser waveguide, the position of which is constantly controlled by ultrasound sensor, is inserted in the lumen of varicose vein.


The thick clot is formed under the impact of laser energy. As a result, the affected vein is obliterated without leaving any traces. After the procedure, the patient is recommended walking and wearing special compression garments.

Advantages of laser treatment of veins:

  • this procedure is performed on outpatient basis (you can leave the clinic right after the manipulation is completed);
  • minimal invasiveness and safeness;
  • painlessness (only local anesthesia is needed, the general one is not required);
  • short rehabilitation period without complications;
  • absence of scars and marks.

You can obtain additional information and make appointment with the phlebologist of Oxford Medical clinic by calling (044) 204-40-40. 


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